Frequently Asked Questions

Have a solar power-related question? We have the answer. Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information!

Because every home and business is different, costs will vary. Some of the relevant factors include your energy needs, your available space, and your choice in solar panels. We’ll help you make all these important determinations.


This is another factor we will determine as we work with you to design your system. You will have to take into consideration your energy goals and the space available.

When you draw energy from the sun, you can lower the amount of energy you need to draw from the utility company, which then lowers your monthly bill. In the long run, solar panels essentially pay for themselves.

Local incentives vary from state to state. Federal incentives also may be available, depending on a variety of situations. Be sure to ask us for specifics when we discuss your solar plan.

In most cases, the process takes between 10 and 12 weeks, including installation and inspection.


No. We’ll handle everything that follows, including the application process, paperwork for permits, and possible rebates and incentives. We’ll also help with interconnection agreements, and we’ll install the solar panels and set up inspection. We also are available for post-installation maintenance.

Your system is warrantied, including the manufacturers’ warranties on panels, solar racks, and inverters. We also warranty your installation and will keep your solar power system operational. You don’t have to worry about spending money if something goes wrong.

Your solar lease doesn’t prevent you from moving, although it does add a couple of steps to your home sale process. When you move, you can either buy out your lease or assign it to your buyers. You and your buyers should come to an agreement regarding the system early in the sale process.

Lease assignment means the buyers take over responsibility for the lease. They will have to go through a credit check and agree to the transfer. They cannot terminate the lease or remove the solar equipment while the lease is active.

Lease purchase means you buy out the remaining balance and take ownership of the solar panel system. We transfer the title over to you or your escrow company.

Not if your loan or lease is still active. If you buy out your loan or lease and obtain the title, you can move your panels to your new home. All expenses will be your responsibility, including dismantling, packing, installation, etc. Please be aware that the system that was right for your old home may not fit in your new home. Talk to us first!